Tên game: Tải 幽遊白書 100%本気(マジ)バトル v2.1.1 | Damage | Defence | Menu [APK]

– Phiên bản: 2.1.1

– Cập nhật: June 3, 2019

– Kích thước: 72MB

– Cần Root: No

– Cần OBB: No

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Chức năng mod: 

  • x100 Damage (Normal DMG)
  • High Defence
  • Hướng dẫn cài đặt:

    Đối với thiết bị đã root hoặc chưa root:
    1- Gỡ bỏ phiên bản đã cài trước đó
    2- Tải xuống và cài đặt APK đã sửa đổi.
    3- Thưởng thức

    Đối với trò chơi có obb hoặc dữ liệu:
    1- Tải xuống tệp OBB hoặc tệp DATA và giải nén tệp zip
    2- Tải xuống phiên bản mod
    3- Di chuyển OBB Files (thư mục com.xxx ) đến thư mục Android/OBB trên thiết bị của bạn
    – Hoặc di chuyển Data files (thư mục com.xxx) đến Android/data trên thiết bị của bạn

    4- Cài đặt phiên bản mod đã tải về trước đó
    5- Thưởng thức

    Giới thiệu về Tải 幽遊白書 100%本気(マジ)バトル v2.1.1 | Damage | Defence | Menu [APK]

    【100% hypnotic whitening serious (Maji) Battle? 】
    Popular animation “Yuu Gakusho” revives with the new smartphone game!
    Character including Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kuruma, Flying Shadow, Imaikai (Genkai) appears as SD characters!
    Reproduced the world of “Yuu Hakusho” with a character voice by luxury voice actors.
    You can enjoy numerous scenes with new recording voices from the main cast of TV anime.

    【Battle system for easy operation】
    Yusuke’s “Ryumaru” also flying Higashi’s “Evil fire killing black dragon wave” triggered by easy operation!
    Take advantage of exhilarating and powerful deathblows and aim for the Makai Strongestest!

    【Experiencing the story】
    In the scenario mode, you experience a story with a TV anime scene cut!
    Reproduce battle and name scenes with youkai such as Dark Martial Arts Society edition and Makai Unification edition!

    【Team organization with favorite character】
    Formed a dream team with 5 favorite characters!
    Collect soul pieces and awaken and strengthen the character!
    From the royal team to the team that is too surprising, try to fight with your own team!

    【Latest information check here】
    ·Official site

    · Official Twitter
    Account @ yuhaku 100
    Hash tag # Maji Bato

    【How to respond when application becomes inoperable】
    Please do the following correspondence one by one.
    The following procedure is unnecessary when the application starts to progress normally.

    1. Restart the application
    2. Restart the device
    3. Perform “Data restoration” from the title screen with START indication after launching the application
    (Since the following 4 has the possibility of loss of play data, please perform it only when ID cooperation is already done)
    4. Delete the application and reinstall it

    For inquiries about compatible terminals, how to…